We all get down once in a while....

Tomo is a peer support network and behaviour change tool for mental health and wellbeing. that helps you manage the habits that keep you healthy. 

Tomo is designed to increase resilience, speed up recovery, and prevent relapse of common mental health conditions including depression and generalised anxiety disoder. 

Tomo is adaptive: The more you use it, the more Tomo learns about the way you handle challenges.

Tomo provides a human voice and character in the form of a chatbot, acting as an interface to the community.

...so celebrate the little wins...

Tomo provides a buddy system to make new behaviours stick. Each time a user completes a task, they’re given the option to show it, by anonymously sharing a photo.

Got out of bed early? Take a photo of your empty bed.

Got to that exercise class? Celebrate with a picture.

We protect users safety by limiting interaction and making everything completely anonymous. Tomo shares these photos with a small number of other users, asking them to validate the action, and celebrate it with you. This is a moderated community, providing the benefits of a buddy system for behaviour change, in a scalable, safe manner.

Tomo deliberately flips the idea of social sharing on its head: Social media invites users to share the high points in their lives. Tomo invites users to celebrate all the little struggles as well.

and get Activated.

Tomo is based on Behavioural Activation (BA). Therapists have used it for years and it is a core part of CBT.  BA can be delivered by someone without previous experience in therapy because it's an iterative, user driven process.

By automating aspects of BA, and providing personalised, contextual suggestions, Tomo makes it easier to form habits that will pave the path to recovery and resilience.

BA helps users figure out what to do. Peer support gives them the inspiration and motivation to act, and the positive feedback to make habits stick.