Our Team



Fahad al Saud

Fahad is a neuro-biologist who worked at the National Institute of Medical Research. He also advises a fund on bio-tech, med-tech, and science investments, one of which went to IPO. He co-founded Tomo and is in charge of the science, coding and product development.

Gus Booth-Clibborn

Gus designed and fundraised for research programmes at the University of Cambridge. For the last three years he has advised investors in the mining, energy and oil and gas sector. He co-founded Tomo and  is in charge of the business development, management and sales.

Paolo Valdemarin

Paolo is a digital industry veteran who has worked with startups for 27 years. He is director of Activate Media, a co-founding partner of startup studio Activate Capital, and co-founder of the State of the Net conference in Italy. He is Tomo's CTO managing development teams in London and New Delhi.