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Mental Health. Shared.

Tomo delivers the best of social media combined with proven therapeutic techniques that make our community happier and healthier.

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Join the Tomo community where we share our wins. We encourage and inspire each other to sustain day-to-day success in whatever form it takes - getting out of bed, going for a walk or facing the office.


Tomo & You

- Chat with Tomo our friendly bot. Tomo will suggest activities and habits proven to support mental wellbeing.

- Access a growing library of over fifty healthy habits that develop life skills including Confidence, Motivation and Self-care.

- Set prompts and reminders that suit your schedule.

- Receive support and inspire others by sharing photos of your day-to-day wins.

- Keep moving forward with Tomo’s achievement tracker.

Share Snaps of Your Day-to-Day Success

No comments and no counting likes. Simply encouragement to build healthy habits. Make photos anonymous or take a selfie - it’s over to you.

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The Course

Knowledge Forms Lasting Change

We know that change takes time. Get the best of Tomo by joining us for an eight-step email course. Receive helpful insights and work with our world-class clinical team. This course delivers the best of Behavioural Activation - proven tools that alleviate depression, anxiety and stress.

The Eight Steps

Habits - The Longterm
Building a Supportive Tribe
Keeping It Up
The Way Forward

Making the First Step
Achievable Change
Habits - Investment & Reward
Overcoming Obstacles


Our Story

Built by People Who Get It

Tomo was born out of our personal experience managing mental health. Years ago, our co-founder Fahad set up a WhatsApp group for his family and friends to motivate him to take positive steps while struggling with his mental health. He would share photos of the healthy things he did each day and they would respond with emoji to encourage him. Step by step he built a happier life through simple, everyday habits.

Tomo is Fahad’s way of giving back to our community. He knows that simple, everyday habits build lasting change for the better.

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The Science

Peer Support and Behavioural Activation at their Best

Science shows that we find it easier to build and maintain healthy habits when we are supported by our peers. People who engage in extended challenges, like training for marathons or sustaining weight-loss, often point to social accountability and sharing their journey online as a critical part of their success. At Tomo, we take the science behind this and apply it to mental health.

Using Behavioural Activation therapy, a leading third generation therapy derived from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Tomo delivers digital health technologies that create lasting change to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

We are an evidence based product, and work with leading academic partners to test and develop our product. Learn more about our research partnerships.



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Your healthiest community. No credit card needed.