We all get down once in a while...

Tomo is a behaviour change tool for mental health and wellbeing that helps you manage the habits that keep you healthy. The Tomo app suggests activities to help you manage your wellbeing. Tomo is designed to increase resilience, speed up recovery, and prevent relapse of common mental health conditions including depression and generalised anxiety disorder. Tomo learns how you handle challenges and personalises its suggestions for you.

...so celebrate the little wins...

Tomo connects a community of people facing similar problems to form a peer support network. Tomo asks you to anonymously share a photo of your achievements with the community so they can congratulate you. And you’ll do the same for others, supporting them in their journeys.

Made a healthy meal? Celebrate with a picture!
Went out for a walk? Share your achievement!

We keep you safe. Tomo isn’t a social network, you can’t follow, comment, or message each other and there are moderators to deal with any serious issues. Social media invites users to share the high points in their lives, Tomo invites users to celebrate all the little wins and struggles in life as well to achieve long term change.

…and achieve lasting change

Tomo is based on Behavioural Activation (BA), a well established therapeutic technique that is a core part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), used by psychiatrists and therapists to tackle depression. BA helps people understand the relationship between their behaviour and their mental wellbeing, and how to use habits to improve their state of mind. Tomo learns about the habits that are linked to your wellbeing. It regularly prompts you to create and sustain the ones that will keep you healthy, and gives you feedback about how well you’re doing.