Tomo Courses: Learn how to change

Behaviour change is hard; so to help our users achieve long lasting change, we have designed Tomo courses with the help of our Clinical Director
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya.

Course and app work alongside each other

Course and app work alongside each other

The courses teach you the science behind Tomo and give you exercises to build lasting behaviour change. They include free access to the app to help you stay on track. We think they are the best way to start on your behaviour change journey.

Over eight weeks, you’ll receive regular email content that teaches you how to get the most out of Behavioural Activation, our
unique peer support system, and the Tomo app experience.

In the Course we teach you:

  • To build effective habits for your mental resilience

  • To use community to help make them stick

  • How the clinical theory behind Tomo works

  • Practical exercises to help you manage your wellbeing

  • How to get the most out of your Tomo subscription