What is and isn't allowed in photos?

To keep our members safe, photos of a sexually suggestive, provocative, offensive, discriminatory, derogatory, threatening, or violent (showing or implying harm to yourself or anyone) nature are not allowed.

It’s up to you how much or little of yourself you show.

While photos of text are okay (such as a to-do list), photos of messages to other people are not.  Don’t include personal details, contacts, street signs, phone numbers ,names or addresses that could be used to personally identify you or another person.

Some examples and ideas of what you could show:

  • If your task was ‘read to relax ’, you could share a photo of the book you’ve just read.

  • If your task was ‘share a meal with someone’, you could share a picture of your plates, or your drinks.

Who can see my photos

The small number of other users who check each photo will only see them temporarily.  Once checked, your photo is deleted from their device. For everyone’s safety, our moderators monitor all the photos being shared and no one can remove or save your photos.

What should I look for when checking photos?

When looking at another member’s photo, look for anything that shows that they've done, or are in the middle of doing, the activity they’ve set out to do. Using previous photos isn’t possible, so if the photo is of a park, then that person has probably gone outside to the park. They're also out of bed, in a public place, and done a bit of walking.

It's important to give people the benefit of the doubt. So, if someone shares a photo of a glass of water for the 'drink a glass of water' activity, they're probably going to drink it.

What should I do if my photo was not verified?

This might be because the photo didn’t clearly show the activity. Don’t worry, just try it again in the app and show it either completed or in progress.  

What should I do if I see an inappropriate photo?

If you see a photo that breaches Tomo’s Terms of Use or makes you uncomfortable, then hit the report button.

There are no immediate consequences for the member whose photo it is. Tomo’s moderators will investigate any reported images to maintain a safe space. We strive for a safe and supported community!