Research Projects

What research projects does Tomo conduct?

From time to time, Tomo partners with institutions to conduct research projects into the effectiveness of Tomo.  By understanding what works and what doesn’t, from a scientific perspective, we can make Tomo better for everyone.

These projects are entirely voluntary.  If you decide to participate, you may be required to provide personal information or complete periodic questionnaires using clinically proven measures.  Different research projects have different requirements, but these will be made clear to you when we invite you to take part.

What research projects are you currently running?

We are currently preparing for the following projects:

  • “Health & Wellbeing Project” - Stage 2 study evaluating Tomo’s impact on clinically valid outcomes for depression and anxiety.  Study Partners: London South Bank University. Estimated start date: Summer 2019

  • Non-inferiority study of Tomo compared to Behavioural Activation techniques delivered by a therapist.  Study Partners: TBC. Estimated start date: 2020

What data is shared with research partners?

Different projects have different requirements and we will tell you what data is needed to participate.  You data is only ever shared in anonymised form. Depending on the project, the following information may be shared:

  • An individual user id randomly generated by our system (this is different to your email and name in the app)

  • Session data, such as log-in times and length

  • App usage data, such as activities or habits scheduled or completed

  • Clinical metrics specific to each study

  • Demographic information provided by you, such as age and gender (but never your name or email)

We only share member data from those who have opted-in, and only with the research partners for that study.

How can I particpate in a research project?

If you are eligible to participate, we will send you a message about it - either in the app or by email - and invite you to opt in.

For our Health & Wellbeing Project, you can participate when you first sign up or seven days later.  You cannot join this project if you have already been using Tomo for some time and you won’t be able to join after the seven days.

I wish to withdraw from a research project

We only ever share your data in an anonymous form, and only with the research partners agreed to when you opted-in.  But if you want to withdraw, please email us at telling us the email address you used to sign up.

You have the right to withdraw from any project at any time, for any reason, and withdrawing from a project will not affect your ability to use the core functions of the Tomo app (although it may remove your access to tools related to the project).  We may continue to use your data in anonymous, aggregated form for our own internal analysis and improvements, but this will not be shared with third parties.