Technical Support

Why won't my photo upload?

You may have an issue or error while uploading a photo.  This can happen because of WiFi problems or firewalls, in which case you may need to switch your WiFi off whilst using Tomo.  In the app, Tomo will ask you to try it again if there’s a connection problem. If you have repeated problems, please email us at

I can't load the subscription screen or make a payment

Users sometimes have issues accessing the subscription section in the profile. We are aware of this issue and looking into it. Most users find if they try again an hour later, the problem has fixed itself. If you continue to have issues please email us at

The app isn't working for me

Whilst we check every update before release, sometimes bugs do happen. If the app isn’t working at all, try closing it fully and re-opening it. If that doesn’t work, please email us at with what you were trying to do and our team will look into it and make every effort to resolve your issue. The more detail you can provide, the better. If you can, please include:

  • Model of phone you have

  • Time you encountered the issue at

  • Email address you used to sign up to Tomo

Do you have an Android version?

Currently, Tomo is only available through the App Store on iOS. We hope to have an Android version with you shortly!

I have a different problem

Please get in touch at and we’ll do our best to help!