Partnerships with Leading Institutions

Tomo works with world leading institutions to research how changing behaviour can improve mental health outcomes

Tomo is collaborating with a team of researchers at London South Bank University led by Dr Daniel Frings to understand how Tomo can drive clinically valid outcomes for depression and anxiety.

The first phase of the research study ran from March to June 2018 with 35 participants using the Tomo app while undergoing regular psychometric tests to determine its impact on mental health. Dr Frings found that Tomo created new habits in participants over the study period, and had a positive impact on psychometric test outcomes.

Following these positive initial results, Dr Frings’ team have secured further funding from the ERDF for a second round evaluating Tomo’s impact on a wider population. We will be recruiting Tomo users to this study from January 2019. If you’d be interested in joining this study please sign up to our mailing list.

The team are also seeking funding for a randomised control trial determine the non-inferiority of Tomo compared to Behavioural Activation techniques delivered by a therapist, due to take place in 2020.

Other research partnerships

Tomo won a MIT Brain Health fellowship in September 2017. We have an ongoing collaboration with MIT and an ecosystem of innovators and funders looking to solve the world’s global problems.

Tomo ran a pilot study with PwC in June 2018, investigating the product’s ability to improve wellbeing in the workplace. The results from the study have informed Tomo’s development and PwC’s ongoing wellbeing strategy.

All of Tomo’s research collaborations are on a non-commercial basis. Our collaborations with LSBU, the ERDF and MIT come from a desire to better understand how behaviour and mental health are related.

Our research studies with LSBU are approved by the Ethics Committee of LSBU’s Faculty of Psychology.