Tomo does not offer any mental health services. We are a tool to help you manage your mental health, but not a treatment for any mental health conditions.

If you feel unsafe and need immediate help, please go to your nearest Emergency Department.

If you are concerned about an immediate risk of harm – either to yourself or someone else – contact emergency services by dialling 112, 911, or 999.

These numbers are usually free from mobiles and often work in any country.

You may also feel you need additional help and support where you, or another person, is not at immediate risk of harm.  ‘Non life-threatening problems’ may include:

  • if someone has self-harmed but it does not appear to be life-threatening, or is talking about wanting to self-harm

  • an existing mental health problem that is getting worse

  • a mental health problem experienced for the first time

If you are under the care of a specialist mental health team, please contact them or your doctor for support.  Your care plan should include a list of crisis contacts. If you’ve misplaced your care plan, please contact your local mental health service.

A list of national helplines for countries Tomo is available in can be found at: