Workplace Mental Wellbeing Trial


Tomo is an app that helps people manage their mental wellbeing by reinforcing healthy habits. 
It uses Behavioural Activation, a well-established therapy for treating conditions such as depression, to build healthy habits and behaviours that improve productivity and wellbeing.


The impact of poor mental wellbeing in the workplace 1


Poor mental wellbeing can lead to mental health conditions, such as depression that impairs memory, time management and undermines willpower. These cognitive deficits can continue to affect people for up to four years. Depression, and other mental conditions, also impede the recovery and to return to work of those on long term sick leave. 

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How does Tomo create and maintain healthy habits?

Tomo, measures mental wellbeing using the PHQ-8 questionnaire, then automatically suggests activities to help establish habits that improve state of mind. It aims to replace habits that could lead to, or prolong, a depressive episode with those that will keep individuals happy and healthy.

New activities are completed, and proven by uploading a simple, anonymous photo. These are assessed by an anonymised ‘buddy system’; peers who are going through the same struggle. It is designed to increase adherence as they are motivated to help each other.

How can Tomo help your employees?

Tomo is looking for corporate partners who are forward thinking about the mental wellbeing of their employees. Those partners will help us test Tomo with small groups to shape a product that has the potential to significantly improve mental wellbeing in their workplace.
We are keen to work with you to ensure that the product delivers the maximum overall benefit, including supporting PR opportunities.

Who is Tomo?

Tomo is Fahad al-Saud, Gus Booth-Clibborn, and Paolo Valdemarin. Fahad is a Neuro-Biologist who trained at the National Institute of Medical Research. Gus designed and fundraised for research programmes at the University of Cambridge. Paolo has worked with start-ups for over 25 years.

Please contact to introduce Tomo in your workplace.



1 Source for chart: NHS Independent Mental Health Taskforce, Feb 2016; Health and Safety Executive, 2017.